Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A walk in the rain is like constant kisses from her grace, Mother Earth. But, I fear of getting wet and left to dry alone. The cats and dogs are barking loud and I fear the rabid drool that soaks the rocks and glass that make the streets. I watch cautiously from my window that provides a barrier of safety from the cars that hit and run through the evil four legged beings that play in the street. I hope no one else feels as I do about the rain. I dream that some time today the angels will cease their intolerable crying. But, at the moment I want to console them and ensure them that I am here for them.

The trees taunt me by waving their branches at me. They point their leaves like fingers at me. I am filled with shame and overwhelmed with anxiety. The voices that howl through the blades of grass ask me to join them in a dance. I am unsure. The wind plays music inviting us to embrace and cut through the bone chilling notes with one last rain dance.

To all my fellow cats and dogs...let's break and dance for we are not dead...Hip Hop is not DEAD...

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