Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Surrender

Arms were too short to box with God
1st knock down
Decided to slap box with Jesus
2nd knock down
Thought to shadow box with the Holy Spirit
“I” surrendered

Back of the Bus

I sat next to a white man today on the bus. I looked at him and began to think of the black and white duality of our lives. There were so many differnces that I stop counting because it started to feel uncomfortable picking him apart the way I do myself sometimes. Then I realized we were very similar and it started with the fact that we consciously decided to use the bus as our mode of transportation to our destination. I intensely watched him as if we were in a Dream Lab where I marked his every movement with a note. I began to write softly in my head so not to awaken him with the noise of a pencil scribbling loudly.

I began to create his story that brought him here in this moment and space. Then I suggested to myself to create a path of where he may be going. Things began to get grey as my thoughts became clouded like the clouds that stopped the rays from penetrating the windows of the bus. I then knew it was unecessary to know where he came from and where he was going because in this moment I was enjoying the fact that we were sharing this space as divine beings and I learned from him that we were only different in identity and spiritually we were the same.

"The unexamined life is not worth living." ~ Socrates


Eyes plastered

Walls Yell Oh!

Striking Lines

Directly in


Split trees

Soul fired

Soul'd to the Devil


No Thing


Empty Loneliness

Flowered Meditation

Different Interpretations

Words Use Less

Silence screams

And screams

And screams

Jangled Jungle

Juice Fever


Love confidential

Gay enter prizal

Alienated star fish

Televised degeneration

Rates in step

Foot stomps mouth

Deep sleep




Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Surrender.

I was a scab torn away from my bed this morning. I suppose the Divine figured I was healed. I wonder what the prognosis is. Dreams can accomplish amazing feats that I am sure medical professionals and spiritual leaders would consider miracles. Dreams are miracles. Its been an amazing week. I have been moving. I have come to understand as long as I keep moving, forward or backward do not exist. I like to say if it is moving its benefits my body, mind and spirit.

I cannot say that it has been all footsteps have been easily placed without contemplation. But, I have learned not to repent my choices because I have learned so much from being mindful. I surrendered to God. I made the conscious decision to peel away my skin and placed my mind in a treasure box and placed it in space. I was in control of being out of control of time. "Whatever happens happens. " Nothing happens to me. Things merely happen. And happen, they do.
In silence I find the covered steps of God in the sand.

This week I have been so bombarded with conversation that I decided that I would become the listener. We, as humans, are so deceived by our mind that at times we speak quickly and not necessarily know what we are saying or meant by saying it. And in my moments of silence I have been able to be mindful in others space. I have become happier and honored to be in a both close friends and difficult people's space.

I know this is another step to Mind Transformation. I know that I am unable to control my mind. But, I am able to transform my self to enjoy others. And I am devoting my life to selfless acts. It is easier to die for a cause, but I am desire to live for a cause.

Monday, August 1, 2011