Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back of the Bus

I sat next to a white man today on the bus. I looked at him and began to think of the black and white duality of our lives. There were so many differnces that I stop counting because it started to feel uncomfortable picking him apart the way I do myself sometimes. Then I realized we were very similar and it started with the fact that we consciously decided to use the bus as our mode of transportation to our destination. I intensely watched him as if we were in a Dream Lab where I marked his every movement with a note. I began to write softly in my head so not to awaken him with the noise of a pencil scribbling loudly.

I began to create his story that brought him here in this moment and space. Then I suggested to myself to create a path of where he may be going. Things began to get grey as my thoughts became clouded like the clouds that stopped the rays from penetrating the windows of the bus. I then knew it was unecessary to know where he came from and where he was going because in this moment I was enjoying the fact that we were sharing this space as divine beings and I learned from him that we were only different in identity and spiritually we were the same.

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