Sunday, October 2, 2011

White and Black

According to Darwin's theory of Natural Selection, women seek men who are healthy, financially stable, and educated. I am left to wonder why does it seem that white women are more likely to be attracted to black men in the modern day? Statistics display that black men are more likely to lack education, in debt, without healthcare, and possibly in the judicial system as a felon.

During the 50s and 60s white women chose to date black men to rebel against their racist parents. It still may be an eye sore to see interracial relationships to some, but it is becoming more prevalent in the American society regardless of what media or black women think is a act of betrayal by black men. Why is this? Could the answer be that the American society is losing their sense of color and becoming "colorblind." Colorblind is such a unbefitting word to define the beauty of the union of two unique individual. It takes two indiviuals to create a union, not a union to make a union alone. Thus, it is imperative to open your eyes to cherish the chocolate, carmel, pale white, golden, olive, or milk chocolate-like colored skin to truly embrace the individual of the union. It not necessary to be colorblind to see the equality. Then we will be left with eyes that only sees black and white. Color television was invented in the 1950s. No need to go backward. Yes, we are alike because we belong to the human race. But, there is so much more to a person that makes us truly different from any species in the world.

Love is love no matter the color of your skin. The color of your skin makes the love that is love.

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