Friday, November 4, 2011


Words continute to scratch the surface of my tongue. I know they are there, but due to excess I have lost all sense of taste. I close my eyes and visualize the words rolling off my tongue into ears like medicine. There is an epidemic of ear infections prevalent in our world. The most noticeable symptom is the constant running of the mouth where words constantly come out with no direction. Where are you going? Why are you running?

I have reached a clear space of white noise that disables the movment of my mouth before speaking. And due to my excessive speaking without thinking I have burned many bridges from mind to my tongue and the result is I no longer have taste buds. I have learned to listen with my eyes and speak with my ears. I am aware of a power that I am told I have had since I was born; the power to listen to people hearts by looking at their faces.

You too have this power. Listen.

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