Friday, November 4, 2011


Fear is to suffer from the past. Worry is to suffer about the future. Be present in the moment. Attempt to fill as much space as you can and time will dissipate. Conscious thinking. Conscious moving. Conscious being. As long as we are mindful we realize the connection we have with every thing that exists and does not exist. If, you allow yourself to tap into anothers soul then you will be able to find the love within to live through pain as you would through happiness. The consciousness expands beyond the limits of the body, mind, and soul and fills the space that creates our existence. The dark then becomes light and the light becomes dark having no differences and unified clarity awakens you from the dream state that you were not aware you were in. Emotions and thoughts exist because the mind allows for the body the privilege of sensations. We are human, but do we know who we are? Do you know who you are? Who Am I? Seek experience and obtain wisdom. There only questions and no answers. Life is relative to the experiences that develop. Wisdom is the result. Wisdom conquers fear. Wisdom conquers worry. Wisdom Is...

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