Sunday, December 4, 2011

Midnight Pearls of Wisdom

Tonight the clouds are interceding for me. They know that I try to incarcerate my tears in the cell that’s located just above my heart.. As I look into the darkness it comforts me to know they care enough to shed the pain that I am incapable of doing tonight. I can breathe seeing my tears stream down the windows onto the mirrored pavement. I notice that each tear is filled with clouded judgment and emotions of frustration. They leave a black tar residue that traces a line from the middle of my navel to the windows. I walk along a jagged path from the crown of my head to the window and to my navel. This is where the pearls enrich my body. Each wise pearls squeezes through my tiny pores and soaks into my consciousness.

Car tires and slippery soles splash through my leftover tears breaking up the puddles of pain. They mindlessly step through an invaluable treasure in search for their own happiness in the rain. However, the rain that descends from the clouds begins to warm me. And the symphony of splashes are music to my ears because I don’t want to see my tears any longer. Midnight showers bring morning power to stand strong in the reality. I am merely a naked man who exists between heaven and hell given the only gift I need. The gift of choice. I may cry, but I choose if I cry tears of joy or pain. I may dance, but I have the choice to not dance or dance in the rain.

The clouds move along and the moon sachets through the clouds who try to stay as long as they can to see our union. I look in her eyes and I notice that my tears were prayers. My prayers were her summons to join me during this last dance. Our eyes embrace and our lights dissolve into each other. Heaven is our choice and heaven is where we both exist. We cherish the day together in presence of our sun. Illumination.

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