Monday, January 24, 2011

Well, well, well it has been quite some time since I last wrote here. I have thought about sHe, but never felt inside that was the "right" time to write with or to her. Anyways, a lot has happened has occurred in the world since the new year, hasn't it? It isn't that I want to reflect on the occurrences I just feel has been written into the graves of memory. So, people will visit the grave site pay thie respects when they see the story on television or listen to updates on the radio.

So, I have been thinking about why I blog. At first I was unsure that I would ever start electronically writing. Its like reading e-books. It is not the same ambiance around the computer as it is around black ink and paper. But, I have come to terms that this a mode of self-analysis writing here; a chronicle of some sort. I have been reading a lot of James Baldwin lately, which has lead me Fire within me. I thoroughly enjoy his eloquent testaments. He has moved me to go within and search myself then move towards the world. I believe Western thought, subjugated by materialism, encourages people to be arrested by the external world first and obtain material wealth to measure their success.

What importance is material wealth? "I make this amount of money." "I have this kind of car." "My house is so many square feet and x amount of rooms." I am unsure of person's intentions when they echo such platitudes. Especially, when there are people that are literally dying for a bite of food or drink of water. These are topics I am trying to comb through to understand the Western world. But, I hope to chronicle my journey from the soul to the external.

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