Monday, January 24, 2011

Who is this person I call my Self?

Who is this being people devote their lives to called, God?

It is humorous to me that there is a such a world debate and spiritual civil war where people live and die by the belief of the mere existence or non-existence of an invisible being. To me is somewhat childish and inconsequential when so many spirits are suffering in our world. It just proves to me that how disconnected to faith and hope our world has developed. Man's interpretation of logic, reason, and faith has burnt and been buried under the ashes of so many martyrs. Our society as a whole has chosen to spit on the history that has brought us to this point. So many great people, both religious leaders and scientists, have died and those who have revered their work have fused their work and actually understand the importance of human activism. Religion and science have been used by the enemy to destroy lives. For example, Adolf Hitler used science, Obama Bin Ladin uses "God," "Jim Crow" used both to enslave African for more that 400 years, and there are so many more dictators (simply look at the current events occurring in Arizona, any American city's ghetto or barrio, Sudan, South Africa, Bosnia, etc.) that live among masses, us, that are acting according to their deluded interpretation of religion and science. It is not religion or the belief in God that murder innocent people. It isn't science that to push innocent people into gas chambers. It is their deluded interpretation of each medium to brainwash and kill innocent people. And it our society's ignorance that allows these acts take place and point our crooked fingers at God and Science to say who is at fault.

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