Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dancing Moose?

Kristen's Morris the Moose. I have never been to Alaska, but do the moose really get down like this? If, so I can't wait to visit.


  1. They do get down, I've been there once.

  2. oh, moose. They so get down like this.

    And where the hell did Kristen find this totally cracks me up.

  3. Ah, well you know Kristens new found fascination of Good Will and Antique stores (I don't know where she my have gotten that from?). She adopted it from Good Will on a 50% Saturday and had to have it. Mind you it was the first week of November. And I am fine with Morris the Moose opposed to adding another furry critter to the family right now because Kristen can't say no to a cute animal. And Oh, how she looooooves Christmas! So, Morris the Moose until our trip to Alaska. I am sure he will be singing until then. He doesn't dance anymore. Kristen pressed his hoof too hard or too much. Poor Morris the Moose.