Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Tao of Wu

Wu! Tang! Wu! Tang! The Vegan smoke choked the non-smokers, peer pressuring them to get high and the spirits were being transported from lips to lips, either through two people kissing or attempting to exchange dialogue by croaning over the insatiably loud music. True hip-hop spirit was in the Celebrity Theater, a venue I concluded was not probably the best building for a group of high-spirited MCs who love the mic more than the female genitalia that they so eloquently injected into the ear drums of the crowd every opportune moment they got. I can honestly say that is one part of hip-hop shows I can do without. And what I don't understand is the women are screaming as if saying, "Amen," in agreement with the preacher.

Aside from the normal riff-raff that usually accompanies a group of intoxicated crabs in a barrel trying to get a piece of the American Dream Pie. It just seems that when celebrities and their worshipers get together for church someone gets carried out after passing out from the power of the Hip-Hop Holy Ghost. But, as cameras and phones were being slapped down by Security Guards and alcohol soaked worshiper were getting face planted into the concrete, pleasantly surprised the show kept popping and locking through throw back tracks that would take Jesus back to the cross. And speaking of resurrection from the dead. Method Man mysteriously stopped the show and left the crowd in suspense as he slowly slurred out what it seemed to be English. It possibly could had been the Black Intellectual Street language that i have fondly heard of. He murmured what my ears translated to be that there was a special guest.

In walks on stage a young brother, "Wu Tang'd" to the socks. I mean he was rocking the "W" like a newly engaged peach. Excuse me. I couldn't resist. I must be getting rid of the last few misogynistic slurs that were implanted in my brain. The young brother first took off his "Wu Tang" jacket, which to no surprise underit displayed another Wu Tang emblem. Then off came his Wu Tang medallion. The crowd was drenched in suspense and the water Method Man constantly cooled the crowd down with after spitting his M.E.T.H.O.D Man Anthem through the dome. The young brother then took off his Wu Tang beanie and there stood O.D.B. or what I thought was O.D.B. He's Alive! No, it was O.D.B.'s son. He was an exact replica of the wild and crazy O.D.B who once bounced on the stage as if it was a trampoline. Y.D.B is his name, "Yound Dirty Bastard" and he most definitely walked, danced, and talked like his father, may he rest in peace. The crowd became nostalgic as the Wu Tang Clan paid tribute to all the fallen hip-hop soldiers. Peace signs and album plugs filled the air as the Wu Tang clan marched off the stage only to be seen again at the after party, "The Sweet Spot." Oh, how sweet it was to get some honey from the Killa Bees.

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