Tuesday, December 14, 2010

hEr soul drips....
Slowly from hEr nipples
sHe feeds the world
From where hEr mind and heart meet
Togehter they cipher
Through soot and grime
Left behind by past visitors
Come and gone
Through a metal screen on the floor
The last door to open
21 grams less...

I have been told that when a person dies sHe weighs 21 grams less. It is attested to the assumption that when the sHe dies the soul exits the body. The human brain weighs between 350-400 grams. The human heart weighs between 200-425 grams. And the soul weighs 21 grams.

How much does one weigh when someone dear to hIm or hEr dies? 21 grams less?

Don't ignore it. Look at my scar.

How many times do we die?
How many times are we born?
Each night
Each morning

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