Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Patiently. I anticipate men in white robes to burst in like gangbusters and steal me away. It is complicated. I am complicated. It is an obsession of mine to make sense of the senseless this and to fail this is my success because this feels like progress. This. This? What is this? Where is this? How did this happen? How can I share this? This? I have written out the mathematics proof to claim its evidence. But, I am having an issue getting through my past to live in the present. However, I know that I must first detach my self from my attachment to the future. I have never forgiven that which has brought me to this. This probably has not forgiven me. But, I am positive in order to live liberated I must share this with the world. This must become that which liberates the mind to love the heart so that the physical being of man can be understood and made sense of. Impatiently.

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