Tuesday, December 7, 2010

sHe cries to the heaven above

When we wake up
and open our eyes
each day is a birth
of new life,
a new beginning
to start our life afresh.

today, i will dedicate my my compassionate thoughts to those who suffer living on the streets of America to the deserts of Sudan. i am constantly reminded how blessed i am to wake up in a bed and not on the streets. today is a truly a new birth, for I have awakened. i am one step closer to the cipher of 0, 1-9, knowledge to born. sleep is the cousin of death and i have been reborn with rejuvenated breath. buddhist philosophy states that mentally you create "heaven" and "hell" with your mind. when I wake up my mind takes me through the golden streets of heaven. then reality grabs me by the neck and smashes my face against the concrete when i step outside. the cold wind begins a conversation with me. i listen to the nights recap and my turgid heart begins to sprint without notice. it feels like its going to explode through my chest cavity. i am all of sudden exhausted from doing nothing. i must do something. the wind tells me there are many that suffers and that it, along with the moon and stars valiantly attempted to protect all beings throughout the never ending night. however, the gluttonous shadows of reality continue to swallow up lives by the mouthful. the sun breaks the crest of the horizon and sHe ready to warm the cold and bring the light to the darkness. i must become sHe and share my love and compassion with all that exist and do not exist.

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