Friday, December 10, 2010

When I close my eyes the credits to a feature presented movie begins and then another movie's previews end. It must be the beginning of an all night marathon. It is all backwards, you would think. But, as I open my eyes to see if the movies are an illusion, reality, or a dream. (Read Metamorphisis, by Franz Kafka, Nietzche's exploration of reality and subjective dreams, and Chuang Zu's Butterfly Dream)I am sadly disappointed. So, I go to the refrigerator to get my beverage and candy and return to my sleep. Man, the last person that sat here must have been sweaty because the seat is a little moist. I take a gulp of water and a bite of sugar and close my eyes, returning to the marathon. I've been to movie presentation like this before, but for some reason when the movie seems to be getting interesting I have to use the rest room again. Then I try to rush back so I don't miss anything, but sadly showing a different movie. I've try to remember the title, but no such luck. Then I "Google" a few script lines and descriptions to see if I can find it. But, I never can find the exact movie. I need to learn the Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep. I am the Director. I am in control.

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