Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The other night I performed at a poetry reading open to the public. I stood alone on stage where the dark illuminated everything that usually is never seen in the light. I anxiously peered out into the audience and all I could see was an army of skeletons dressed in black garb made of skin. There sharp eye lashes punched through my clothes and pierced my skin ripping open my chest cavity. I stood naked and vulnerable. Their eye lids clenched my existence while their pupils ate my soul like hungry ants. My lines disappeared as I tried to escape. My voice aimlessly scattered among the skeleton audience. They sat emotionless as if death had taken over. If, I had known this was an exclusive gathering, where I would be eaten alive by their judgment I would have been more prepared to die. But, I figured time was of no essence and the beginning would be the end of my beginning. My remains quickly poured off the stage and I was never to be reborn.

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