Thursday, December 9, 2010

"My name is Rashaad and I am not a terrorist."
"I am a United States Air Force Veteran and I am not an alcoholic or a drug addict."

If, you ever have the time to watch a couple movies. Watch "My Name Is Kahn" and "Poverty in Chicago." If, I could choose a number of movies that describes how I feel when I in society these two movies would be on the list. Thank God, I don't have to say anymore, "I am Homeless. Would you happen to have any spare change?" I was able to change the fact that I was homeless. But, like the facts that I will be Rashaad and a U.S. Veteran for the rest of my life, some Veterans, due to their disability will be considered "Permanently Unemployed."

Look into the eyes of the homeless. Don't ignore them with your judgments. You would be amazed how much it means to acknowledge him/her.

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  1. The homeless are people too! So many homeless are veterans, where's the government now?